Get to know us

Doo Piramida is a company in the field of wood industry, the company was founded in 1994 with a private capital. The main services of the company is production of furniture and projecting and realization of interiors.

Our products are generally made for local market and also for many years on the greek market.

The furniture production is wide , made for any kind of interior, individual houses and flats, commercial objects, saloons, hotel rooms, restaurants, coffee shops , night bars and etc.

Our top priority in our company is our presentation towards the client where we give the client a whole package of how the interior should look like not just the furniture part and also that is unique for every project.

With our long tradition and constant development we manage to get our company to be one of the leading companies for furniture production in our country and the region. As a proof of that we have all the countless projects we have made.